A. First authors papers

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B. Collaborations

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C. Reviews and comments

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D. Patent

  • 17. “A method for treating diseases by combined inhibition of TNF superfamily members and/or cell death signalling pathways (such as inflammation and inflammation-associated diseases including auto-immune diseases, neuro-inflammatory diseases, neuro- degenerative diseases, ischaemic diseases, sepsis, and cancer)” UCL Business PLC; Filed: 22/01/18, Inventors: Henning Walczak, Lucia Taraborrelli* and Nieves Peltzer* .*equal contribution
  • 18. “Allosteric regulation of MLKL activity and inhibitors thereof” UCL Business PLC/University of Tübingen. Inventors: Ana Garcia Saez… Henning Walczak* and Nieves Peltzer* (*equal contribution)